Our Story


We are a story of two sisters Jacq and Jess (a.k.a. “J & J”), who dreamed of starting a business together.  Coming from a large, blended family (actually 10 siblings in total!), chaos was our middle name, but so were love and laughter! Family has always been our rock and our constant source of support through every twist and turn of life's journey.

Our professional (and personal) lives took us in different directions… and quite literally – Jess lives in Toronto, ON and Jacq calls Calgary, AB her home away from home. But our sisterly bond kept pulling us back toward creating something magical together – enter Rare Kids Company!  


In 2023, we decided to start a line of children’s headwear that wouldn’t be just any new collection of kid hats, but one that blurred the lines between being something so stylish and trendy every grown up secretly wanted one, while holding true to the playful essence of childhood. Our incredibly scientific method was to only make what we thought would fit the witty, lively, imaginative, curious, and decidedly unordinary personalities of the kids we know and love.

Our two-word mission statement was “Never Boring” and it’s steered us into the funnest parts of this fabric-based adventure.


From the start, we wanted the designs to be our own, so all our hats have all been proudly designed by yours truly J & J right here in Canada. Our products are ethically made, built for durability and thoughtfully engineered. We only work with top-quality manufacturers and source high-quality fabrics. 

We truly hope all the kids wearing our gear will love them as much as we love making them (because we really love it a lot!).


We love to hear from our mini customers and the grown-ups who buy for them.

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